Thursday, August 16, 2007

An Expedition Into the Unknown Awaits!

Ok, so I've met up with this outfit -- Involvium Energy Ventures. Their get-up-and-go attitudes, and that almost-mad sparkle in their eyes, remind me of Don Quixote. Or at least how I'd imagine him. A whole group of Don Quixotes yelling out "here we come, world!"

And what is the cause of this enthusiasm, you might ask? Well, they think they may have detected a huge concentration of this energy they call "The Involvium Effect" in the far corners of the Metaverse. They say this indicates the possible presence of some mineral called "Involvium". No, I never heard of it before, either.

Although it does explain the company's name. I originally thought they were trying to do one of those weird corporate names made up of nonsense words like "Alcenture" or "Innovent".

Anyway, its got them all worked-up because this Involvium stuff has some effect on this energy and its really rare. Not quite clear on what exactly the effect is. (Note to self: I should probably get that cleared up before deadline).

These guys, I admit are pretty cool. Their energy is contagious. And without a ready supply of grande half-caff nearby, I'll need it!

Tomorrow out!

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