Thursday, August 23, 2007

Involvium and the Mysterious Metaverse Energy

Well, some amazing stuff happening. And yours truly did say I was going to clear up the how this stuff works and get back to you. And now is the time!

From observing some of the team's research, I'm beginning to grasp what little the energy company knows about Involvium. I thought I'd share, especially since I read a few misunderstandings out there in some recent blogger posts. They reported that involvium is an energy source, and that's not 100% accurate. (oops, I guess I should clear this up a bit!)

According to the team, Involvium is a crystal that was found by IEV's founder, Phinneas Darcy, while on an expedition. He had suspected its existence, apparently, when he originally discovered the energy. Its makeup still baffles the expedition, though they have been able to rig up a few devices to harness its potential.

This energy freely flows through the metaverse on its own.

Involvium isn't the energy itself, though it seem that it can either store it, or focus it (maybe both?). From what I've seen, it might have more properties. While the discovery of involvium crystal is unique to the IEV team, the energy itself has been present all along in the metaverse. Part of the team's mission is to not only find out about involvium, but about the energy and how it works.

Stay tuned ...

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